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This coming weekend - September 22 to 24th - is our last motorcycle race for 2017. It will be a double header event with races both Saturday and Sunday. For more information please go to our "Upcoming Programs" below. Spectators: $25 for the weekend, Friday is $5 (charged $25 then reimbursed $20), Saturday $10 (charged $25 reimbursed $15) & Sunday is $15, children under 12 are free.
Check out our full month calendar for all our events.

Start Your Engines

Join in on the fun, training, competition or testing at Shannonville Motorsport Park. Book your track time at Canada's favorite roadracing facility. SMP is both challenging and safe, with exceptional run-off room. Full support facilities are in place to ensure your enjoyable stay!



Shannonville is a natural playground for Supermoto, which is a cross between motorcycle road racing and motocross racing. We have hosted Supermoto events for years, either on the Nelson track or on the Skid pad track. You have to check this out.


Shannonville Drags

Put the pedal to the metal on the weekends and watch them light it up. You can also test your car on the drag strip or on the road course. Have a blast at Shannonville Drags!


Learn to Ride

RACE has developed the schools to allow motorcycle enthusiasts a safe informative opportunity to develop and refine their street riding and racing skills.


Driving Academy

The Shannonville Motorsport Park Driving Academy is the place for drivers to learn how to handle their car in a controlled environment and is the exclusive provider of the Brack Driving Concepts program.


Driving Academy Race School

THE place for drivers desiring to acquire the racing knowledge and skill in order to qualify for a ASN FIA National race license. Our program runs the entire season on a "on demand basis".


RACE Rd #5 **TWO DAY REGISTRATION**September 22 to 24, 2017

This link/form is to be used for those racing both days **DOUBLE HEADER**.  If you are only racing the one day whether it be Saturday or Sunday please use the link marked as "One day racing".  If you use this form you will be charged the pre-registrations fees for the double header.


Today is race day for Round #5 of our RACE Motorcycle Racing Series, our final round for 2017.  Bikes on the track by 9am until 5pm.  A detailed schedule will be posted on our website under "Upcoming Programs" by Wednesday June 14th

SMP Motorcycle Lapping day

Motorcycle lapping day on our long track.  9am to 5pm.  Register one week in advance for $145, thereafter cost will be $160.

SMP Car lapping & Brack Concepts

Today we are hosting a full day of car lapping on our Long track - 9am to 5pm, lunch provided.  If you register one week in advance the cost is $160 hst incl., after that the cost is $200 hst included.  Brack Driving concepts are also here today.  They offer a driving/instructional program in your own car.  The cost is $300 plus hst and has to be booked one week in advance.

SMP Drag Racing

Friday night street test & tune tonight.  Starts at 5:30pm until 10pm.  All vehicles welcome.

SMP Drifting

Drifting event on our Nelson track today.  Cars on the track by 9am to 5pm. 

SMP Drag Racing

Round #9 of our 10 round drag racing series is happening today at Shannonville.  Vehicles on the track by 9am for testing, eliminations to follow.

Shannonville Motorsport Park


Shannonville is one of the world's most versatile and safest motorsport parks. It's unique design offers advantages to the public and industry that cannot be found anywhere else. Use of the facility by professional race teams, car & motorcycle racing schools, clubs, high performance car & motorcycle street-oriented schools, industry & media for vehicle testing, T.V. programs & commercial production, keeps the park busy every day of the week!

Zoom over and check us out. Join in on the fun, cheering, training, competing or testing at Shannonville Motorsport Park. Our track's design is unique in North America. Located in the beautiful Bay of Quinte Region, halfway between Toronto and Ottawa. Shannonville Motorsport Park; Canada's favourite road racing facility.

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