Car Racing School

Our race school is designed for drivers wishing to acquire a race license in order to race in sanctioned events in Canada and the United States.

Ideally candidates will have prior experience in high performance driving and want to gain the skills and knowledge in order to get a race license; however those without that experience are welcome to take our program.  Successful candidates will qualify to apply for a National ‘B’ license from ASN Canada FIA.

Our program is available all season long and is flexible so that drivers with high performance experience on a racetrack may be able to qualify for an abbreviated race school program. 

The objective of our race school is to provide the racing knowledge and skills in order for a graduate to be safe in a sanctioned race. 

The program is held in a controlled environment using the Shannonville Motorsport Park facility, which provides exposure to a wide variety of corner types and combinations that a driver is likely to encounter at other racetracks. 

The curriculum includes:

  • On Track sessions with a coach in your vehicle to help you apply and experience race procedures and techniques. Participants will get practical experience in how to drive correctly in a race.
  • Classroom sessions
  • Skid pad sessions
  • Written and practical test that must be successfully completed.

Our Coaches all have extensive high performance and racing experience. 

Car Racing School Application download:  


For further information or to apply for the next school

  • Call: 416 255 4222
  • Email:

Sanctioned by ASN Canada FIA to operate a race school for qualification to apply for a car race license.


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